Sheela Mehrotra has a profound belief in the emotive power of imagery. Her photographic style, deeply influenced by studies in architecture, explores themes of identity and emotional purity expressed through an atmosphere notably rich in color and detail.

Created in both analog and digital formats, the body of her published work is a fresh & romantic interpretation of the beauty found in imperfections. Her frames accentuate a language of often-overlooked nuances, highlighting subtle textures and spontaneity of light across genres of people met, places traveled, and unhurried moments experienced. Each mindful frame carries its own unique narrative, casting an authentic reflection of the story to be told.

Sheela is a Resort Wear Designer, Film Maker, and Travel Photographer who lives between France and Southern California. As a cancer survivor, she hopes to always move serenely through life, growing as an artist, and creating impact through image.

For commissions, collaborations and licensing/prints inquiries:

Each photograph is custom printed on heavyweight, museum-grade environmentally friendly paper which archival pigment inks.