We each have our unique way of capturing a moment and giving it voice. My studies in architecture influence my resort wear collections, and equally, my photographic style. The atmosphere of my photography is notably rich in color and detail, with a focus on the purity of the image to capture beauty in the imperfections. I’m attracted to highlighting often-overlooked nuances, using natural light, textures and spontaneity to frame the authentic story of my subject.

I shoot with a Sony a7RII, Leica Q2 and SL2. More recently, I’ve been attracted to the romanticism of analogue imagery. The essence of analogue to me is mindfulness – each frame carries it’s own unique narrative, with grain and imperfection casting a raw reflection of the story as we see and experience it.

I have a profound belief in the emotive power of imagery – it’s the interplay of imagery and design that creates a dynamic language essential to storytelling. I hope to always be serenely moving through life, growing as an artist, and creating impact through images that express an unpolished intimacy.